So you decide to play blackjack online? Let us instruct you. There are risks associated with playing blackjack online. The blackjack casino sites with Trustly deposit that are listed are all legit and have been working for many years with excellent reputations. By selecting to play at these sites, casino players will enjoy a safe game where they can get real money playing a title that replicates what they would enjoy at a land-based casino.

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Blackjack is an incredibly popular game, with dozens of different variations available of the original. Online blackjack websites are a great place to participate in a game taking place in your region or maybe somewhere else in the world (depending on the website). Trustly is now an accepted payment method for numerous online blackjack websites, turning the game into a much-more in demand sport. As with every Trustly payment, all a user needs to make a payment for a game of online blackjack, on a site using Trustly is a simple bank account in any one of the 40+ branches which are verified with Trustly.

What Online Blackjack Is

In today’s article we have discussed in general about what online blackjack is and how to just the best online blackjack website to play it on.
Blackjack, also commonly known as 21 is a game available in almost every reliable casino website. Each of its variations has a different set of rules. The original online site has only one simple rule: the player must draw a hand from a deck of cards whose combined value is greater than the dealer’s hand, and not exceeding 21. If the value of the hand exceeds 21 it results in automatic expulsion and loss of the player. Therefore, you can lose in online blackjack in two ways: first is you surrender, or else your hands combined value has exceeded 21.


When choosing the right online blackjack website, as always the first thing to do is take a thorough look at the payment systems accepted by the site. Online blackjack sites that accept Trustly are of course a sure fire way of knowing that the site’s payment system at least is reliable. Next check the variations of online blackjack Trustly that are offered, and whether the kind you want to play is available. If yes, then proceed to the next check: does the site have a lot of active blackjack casino Trustly players? The greater the number of active players, the greater is the site’s reliability. Also go through any bonuses or rewards offered by the site for new and old users and then make the final decision.

Real Money Trustly Online Blackjack Site

Now that you’ve chosen the right real money Trustly online blackjack site for you, here’s a little information on the rules. If the two cards in your hand equal 21, then you’ve scored blackjack and are automatically the winner. All number cards are worth their face value, and face cards are worth 10. An ace is worth either 11 (soft hand) or 1 (hard hand) depending on what you require. If you don’t get blackjack on your hand (and aren’t busted) then there are a number of other moves you can play like stand, hit, double down split etc. Stand means you take no more cards and it’s the dealers turn to play their hand; if you hit, this means you have to take another card. You can continue to hit until you decide to either stand or you’ve bust. Split means you have two cards of equal value and thus want to split them into two separate hands, thereby doubling your bet.

A player with enough skill in online Trustly blackjack, the right Trustly online blackjack website to play on, and sufficient knowledge about their opponent, has a very fair chance of winning this renowned game. To play blackjack Trustly, deposit is not required. Blackjack with Trustly is enjoyed by countless people all over the world; once you try blackjack Trustly, you will never look back either.


How Quickly Does My Internet Have To Be When I Play Live Dealer Blackjack?

If you are playing live dealer blackjack online with Trustly deposit, a fast connection is expected for the best performance of the live dealer game. Slower internet speeds will make game delays. With fast connections, such casino players can enjoy a realistic live dealer game.

How Many Decks Are In Blackjack Online?

The number of decks on a blackjack game will differ based on the type of game you play. Most online blackjack selections are presented with six or more decks. You should always check the number of decks before playing online as this can help casino players improve their game strategies, especially when observing cards.

What Is “Progressive Jackpot Blackjack”?

It is a casino game where players will get usual payouts from the regular game and will also have the opportunity to place side bets on the progressive jackpot. The online jackpot can be won in various ways. Users will have to get certain card keys in their hand to win all or part of the progressive. The side bet must be settled when playing these games.

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